Ensuring a tax-effective structure that safeguards your personal assets

Will your personal assets be at risk from an unexpected event? Will your structure cost you too much in tax? Your future prosperity depends crucially on the right business structure.

Your business structure should be based on your specific circumstances, including:

  • The risks associated to your industry;
  • Your profit expectations, goals and objectives;
  • Your personal family situation;
  • The assets you own outside of your business;
  • and many more...

A business structure should be reviewed regularly to ensure its appropriateness, as circumstances change.

Your Traction Financial adviser can assist with choosing and maintaining the right structure for your business, ensuring you can secure your personal and business assets whilst reducing capital gains tax liabilities when selling or passing on to the next generation.

We can advise on and implement plans to set up as a:

  • Sole trader
  • Partnership
  • Company
  • Trust (Discretionary, Unit or Bare)
  • Joint Venture