Saving time and enabling strategic and educated decisions

How much time does your business waste maintaining the books? Outsource it, so you can work on building your business instead!

Leveraging the latest in cloud technologies, our Chartered Accountant begins by automating as much of the inefficient data entry process as possible.

We then service, monitor and maintain your accounts effectively, producing up-to-date reports on demand. The data can be accessed by you at any stage, from any device, from any location.

With real-time information and in conjunction with regular commentary from your qualified Traction adviser, you will understand the numbers and with this knowledge, make better informed decisions for your business.

A sample of our offerings are as follows:

  • Administration & Data Entry Automation
  • Business Activity Statements & GST obligations
  • Instalment Activity Statements & PAYGW obligations
  • Cash flow management and reporting
  • Debtor & creditor management and reporting
  • Payroll and employee entitlement management
  • Cloud integration and set-up (See Cloud Integration)