Grow your business with ongoing support from a qualified professional

Whether you’re looking at employing additional staff, launching a new product or service, or acquiring a new business, your Traction adviser is on-call to assist.

We ensure you are aware of any risks, regulatory requirements or taxation implications on your business decisions, acting as a sounding board to ensure all aspects are considered.

Regular strategy meetings provide an opportunity to step away from working “in” your business, and refocus toward working “on” your business. Your Traction adviser prepares a tailored agenda and facilitates discussion around the following:

  • The latest management reports for your business, analysing profits, capital expenditure and cash flow requirements;
  • Reviewing the numbers for strengths, concerns and future opportunities;
  • Progression against KPIs and budgets mutually set and revisited throughout the year;
  • Accountability for actions progressed;
  • Discussions around the people, team and leadership group;
  • Checking in on progress toward personal satisfaction, creating wealth and matters that are important to you (use of time, stress, personal financial goals);
  • Recent events and plans affecting you and your business.